• Self-care products for body and home

  • Female owned

  • Made locally in small batches using considered materials

Courtney + Babes is part of an Eco-Alliance via No Issue. A growing community of businesses, makers, and brands who choose to utilize sustainable packaging and are committed to being better together.

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Scents of C+B

cleanse fresh / herbaceous

dream warm / vanilla

lover green / sweet

sėa summer nights / dewy flower beds

saint leather / floral / seductive

protect warm / spicy / woody

woodland clean / earthy

spirit tart / balsamic / sweet

sun citrus / earthy

moon herbal / floral / soft

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  • Amy

    When my 8 week old daughter developed severe eczema, I tried all the over the counter blends, bath oils, washes and flare up creams I could buy. We went to the doctor and they ended up providing a steroid cream. It worked, but as soon as I stopped applying the cream the eczema would flare up and I didn’t want to be using something so harsh, so regularly on my baby. I ordered Eczema Ease to try and within 3 days of use, the flare up had gone. I was thrilled to find something natural that made such a huge difference to my daughters skin. I recommend to everyone.

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  • Natalie

    I finished my bottle of Irides a few weeks ago and ordered a different brand from a local shop, more out of convienence. My skin is now an itchy mess. Your oil is the bomb. I need to reorder!

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  • Sandi

    I apply Nectar (Organic Rosehip Oil) daily at bedtime to my hands, face, neck and chest. It's a lifesaver during Winter and at a time when hand washing is constantly happening. I've even seen a change in the darkness of my pigmentation. A beautiful, simple product everyone should have in their bathroom cabinet.

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  • Stockist

    I have battled with Postnatal Depression and Anxiety for 3 years solid. After applying Calm Wellness Roller I ended up with my wrists near my face where I was breathing in the oils and I swear I could physically feel it entering my body and brain. I loved the feeling and calm that came over me. When I got in to bed and rolled the Sleep Wellness Roller on my feet and behind my neck, I can honestly say I haven’t slept so deeply in years. So, hats off to you amazing lady and heartfelt thanks.

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  • Alex

    I've collected almost all of the Perfume Rollers and I love how convienent they are. They're not sickly sweet or overpowering, they blend so nicely into my skin. A different scent for each day of the week.

    My favs would have to be Sea, Saint and Lover. Please make more scents Courtney!

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  • Cheranne

    Having shopped with C+B before I knew these scents would be beautiful, but honestly Woodland, Spirit and Cleanse blends improve my mood instantly. Happy smells!

    Thank you Courtney x

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